Who am I?

My name is Alison and I am the owner of Edencoille B&B – welcome to my highland home. I was born in Grantown on Spey and lucky enough to grow up in the glorious and idyllic Scottish countryside. After moving away and living in the moody yet fascinating city of London, 10 years ago I found myself drawn back to the relaxing and calm atmosphere of country life. I now live here with my partner Andy and our dogs Bella & Connie.

What I do?

Having run my company in London as an interior designer, Scottish life brought about it a career change and I now own our lovely B&B as well as working as a firefighter at the local fire station.

Why Edencoille?

Within Edencoille I have created a calm space that promotes relaxation and creativity, an idyllic home for you to stay in. The perfect blend of traditional yet modern style in a picturesque house. There is plenty natural light, wonderful art and curated finds with a lovely lived in feel. We are surrounded by wildlife, history and scenic nature. There are enviable views of the surrounding hills and being just outside of town there is a peace and tranquillity to our home that is perfect for those who are in desperate need for solitude and to ‘get away from it all’.

I started this blog to share with you all the local treasures and things to do, highland inspirations and interior ideas. You can follow my daily life through my blog, Facebook Instagram.

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