Country style interiors can be realised and transformed within a variety of homes. Whether they are traditional, modern or bohemian, ‘country’ is the epitome of laid back elegance. Surrounded by luscious green fields, hills and forest, Edencoille is in a prime location for a cosy, country life and our B&B reflects this within the interior style.

Image by Jersey ice-cream co.

Teaming ‘country’ with its location in the heart of the Highlands, we have used the influence of nature and the changing seasons to decorate our home, combining warm textures with organic materials. There are wooden tones throughout, the panelled flooring, exposed beams and rustic stools that create a homely yet stylish space. Inspired by winter nights, the warmth of the log burning fire draws you in and there really is no cosier feel.


Hints of highland traditions are found within the plush tartan dining chairs and natural objects that add contrast and interest to the interior. A dreamy escape for those who wish to settle into the rhythm of a quiet, homely and stylish space.

Within the bedroom, the bedside lights are an inspiring mix of stag antlers and shades adorned with pheasant feathers, lighting that adds a calming ambiance to the room and exhibits the traditions of Scottish country style.

Image by Jersey ice-cream co.

The colour palette is crisp whites and natural neutral tones – bright and inviting, symbolic of the highland summer nights that are plentiful with endless light, when the balcony doors are open and the outside draws in bringing you closer to your surroundings. In the bedroom, the hints of sleek lighting and modern touches inject a contemporary quality that plays with the cabin character to the room and its angled ceilings.


Country style became popular within design as floral patterns and dusty colours made their way into interior trends. However, we have taken the highland location as inspiration within our home to create a contemporary country space that is modern yet has comfortable charm and does not lose the ‘home sweet home’ atmosphere to country style.



  1. Totally loving this piece, I’d describe Edencoille to be the epitome of classic country with a modern edge. Between the pure highland air and the panoramic views, Edencoille is the ideal escape from hectic city life.


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