On the 2nd Thursday of every August, Grantown on Spey is host to an agricultural show in which farmers and live stock breeders come together for competition and prize giving, as well as a fun fair and a vintage vehicle display.

The annual Strathspey Farmers Club Grantown Show also has a variety of stalls and crafts as well as the marquee dance that takes place into the night. The main draw of the show is the exhibition of livestock, and farmers from all over the north east of Scotland and the Highlands assemble with their finest cattle, sheep and horses in order to enter the prominent competition.

 At this year’s show, we saw some superbly impressive cattle, groomed to perfection and outstanding in size. Adorned with prize bows, these are the best of highland livestock and it is an honour and achievement for these breeders to show off their supreme animals.

The Grantown Show is a family friendly event with plenty for all ages to enjoy, including a fun fair, various stalls and stands selling crafts, toys, flowers and some larger outdoor items including quad bikes and tractors. There are games and activities to keep you entertained for the whole day and a wonderful farmers market with fresh, home-grown fruit and vegetables, and even some butcher and cake stalls. You can grab a tasty venison burger or even some scrumptious fresh strawberries and cream, and sit and experience the show.


An impressive array of vintage vehicles are on view where you are free to get up close and personal to these treasured and valued cars, vans, and tractors. These are just a small taste of the vintage vehicles that take part in the event Motormania held in Grantown every year when unique and very special old-fashioned cars line the town centre and surrounding streets.  The vehicle owners, who are all too happy to chat, sharing their knowledge, expertise and love of the old-style vehicles add to the occasion.

To round off the day a visit to the marquee and dance where lots of food, drink and a little Scottish dancing to a live band ends the annual show day in true Scottish style. The Strathspey Farmers Club Grantown Show is a great day out for all the family, full of sights, sounds and local tradition. If you find yourself in this part of town at the beginning of August make sure you visit the show and enjoy the charm of our home town event.


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