When you consider a bed and breakfast in the Scottish Highlands, images of traditional tartans and cosy fireplaces may arise – a country home and its traditional styling. Within Edencoille we have a predominately modern rustic aesthetic, but upon closer inspection we also pay homage to Scotland and our surroundings with some traditional highland touches. Consider it a fresh innovative take on the traditional country home – playing with texture, heritage, natural materials and colour. Here are a few ways in which the ‘traditional highlands’ can be represented within your interior:

Image by Nick Miller


Achieving a feeling of escapism within your interior can be peaceful and comforting, and it is the little details that help us achieve this. Considered home accessories whether it be candles with a wonderful scent or a snug blanket to throw over yourself as you relax in front of the fire. These are all the small elements that transform your home into a space worthy of unwinding within, and arouse feelings of stillness that are plentiful within the Scottish Highlands.


We lend our style very much to the admiration of our Scottish surroundings and the nature that defines the highlands. A nod to the local environment is represented within our home, either through the tactile natural wooden materials or the art work that demonstrates the local wildlife. A highland homely ambiance can be created by including landscape art that celebrates the glory of Scottish nature, or the addition of stag antlers either on your walls or within patterned textiles.

Image by Annie Splatt


Energetic tartans are a brilliant way to make a statement and inject some traditional texture into your space, and we demonstrate this at Edencoille within our dining chairs. The bright and vivid woollen tartan is inviting and fuses traditional charm with contemporary flair. There are many ways to embrace Scottish style within your interior using local craftsmanship, textures and materials. Whether it be wool, cashmere or leathers, within Edencoille we see the delightful and inviting impression these can conjure.

Traditional Highland style is inspired by the Scottish surroundings and the celebration of heritage within this region. Borrow from the outdoors within your decorative scheme, creating natural moods and ambiance. Personal highland touches can fit seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional interiors and produce a pleasing home that is rich in character and heritage, truly portraying the essence of Scotland.

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