In the heart of Speyside, about a 20-minute drive from us here at Edencoille, there is the Knockando Woolmill. This is one of the oldest mills in the UK that continues to manufacture traditional, quality textiles, and you can visit the Mill to experience the history and traditions for yourself.

The Mill is interactive and there are tours and guides accompanying you around the stunning grounds of the estate and into the wool mill to see the exquisite Victorian machinery at work. The experience is said to be exceptional in that you have a snapshot of a traditional, long established technique with the same sounds and smells you would have experienced years ago.

The Visitors Centre has plenty information about the history of the mill, as well as the Knockando Woolmill trust, educating visitors about the importance of maintaining a historic and unique heritage. There is a café for you to stop by and re-energise with yummy, homemade cakes and treats.

The shop also has some exclusive, tempting gifts, such as tartan scarfs and accessories, bags of lavender, and even beautiful notebooks covered with wool from the mill – a fantastic souvenir and gift to take home from your Scottish travels.

Knockando Woolmill often has various events and workshops happening onsite, and it is all listed on their website as well as a fantastic blog where they share the latest wools and some amazing photography of the mill, machinery, tweeds and tartans.

Upcoming workshops include:

Soap Making Workshop, Sunday 29th October, 2pm – 4pm

If you are looking for an experience rich with Scottish heritage and tradition then a visit to the scenic Knockando Woolmill is a recommendation from us here at Edencoille.  A short drive round some of the Spey Valleys most delightful country roads will take you to this superb setting where you can enjoy some history, gain knowledge of committed traditions all in a wonderful location, truly representative of Scotland’s rural, charming community.


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