One of the more stimulating and transformative ways to put a personal touch on your interior style is to express your character through your wall art. Find art that inspires you and showcase it within your home. Carefully selecting pieces that you cannot live without and gathering them over time will ensure you possess art that truly depicts your individual personality, life memories and the story of your home.


Within Edencoille we have a variety of artwork that is reminiscent of the nature and scenery that signifies the highlands in different artistic styles. Imagery of stags, pheasants and other Scottish wildlife are proudly displayed to engage our guests who are often fascinated and intrigued by their surroundings. We have created a narrative within our B&B that represents ‘who we are’ and the moving and enchanting art work is a part of this style.


A great vibrant way to arrange art work on your walls is to mix and match various artistic styles and forms, mixing frame styles and materials add to the quirky display – whether you have moody watercolours or punchy bright oil paintings, you can even include some photography to create a dynamic and enlivening space. Here at Edencoille we have a used a still from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to conjures up feelings of romance and nostalgia.

Image by Jersey Ice-cream co


‘Strategically Clutter’ your art to create a gallery wall that is brimming with character. Transform your space by layering your pieces alongside each other in a manner that is animating and unique avoiding a bland backdrop. Do not be afraid to be imaginative with your art layout, however do be mindful of the mood and effect you want to create in your home, make sure you are not overwhelming your guests or more importantly yourself!


At Edencoille we love to display work by local artists in the highland area, such as this woodpecker piece by Louise Ogilvy  This art really portrays the natural and breath-taking area we live in, the art and beauty that lives right at our door. Through these artists we are able to express this to our B&B guests in the most beautiful and exquisite way.


Wall art does not have to be restricted to the indoors, here at Edencoille we make use of our outdoor space and walls where stags antlers as well as antique signage are placed to ensure the creativity and personality of our home shines inside and out. Over the years we have collected various natural and unusual pieces using them to make our home look and feel individual, personal and an experience a little out of the ordinary for those who visit.

Image by Patrick Cline

Art is the personal touch within your interior, and styling your walls with something special and unusual can be a fantastic way to articulate your personality within your home. Be bold and brave, don’t simply pick something that is aesthetically pleasing, but really focus on the appeal and emotions you feel when viewing your art work.

Image by Jersey Ice-cream co

Collate pieces overtime and see if any patterns occur – this may be your style and story. Get inventive with your scheme, however remember to maintain some consistency so that your interior is stylish and pleasing, art which has been personally chosen by you is innovative and can ensure your interior communicates your individuality and style in the most wonderful way.




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