This week marks the anniversary of a wild and dramatic night that occurred a year ago, when our chocolate Labrador, Bella, gave birth to 12 puppies!!

We had collected Bella as a puppy herself 4 years prior, from Poolewe however when we decided to breed her we had no idea the adventure, cuteness and quite frankly full-time job that was upon us. Late on 30th October 2016 Bella gave birth to 12 tiny bundles of chocolate sweetness.

Over the next 2 months we watched them grow rather chaotically into fluffy, adorable little personalities that were highly energetic and hard to part from. It was rather inevitable that we would end up keeping one of our own – Connie.

Having never bred our dog before the experience was exciting but very time consuming, and although we highly relished those few months playing with all the charming puppies, it was quite tiring and basically took over our whole house!

First outing to the local vet!

Most of the puppies were sold to local families around Grantown through word of mouth, and as such we found the local puppy classes were often overrun with chocolate labs boisterously playing with one another (spare a thought for the other poor pups not part of this enthusiastic clique).

Now a year later Connie is the same size as her mum with twice as much energy, and it has hard to imagine she was once small enough to fit in our palm, however luckily, we have our photos to remind us.

Bella & Connie 1 year later!

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