Scandinavian interiors are characterized by elements such as simplicity in style, minimalism and functionality. It is easy to achieve this design in your home, creating a space that incorporates the main themes of Nordic style yet with a personal twist to make it your own. Here we list 5 key ways to infuse an interior with Scandi style:

Image by Decordots


A crucial component of Scandi style is having a fresh clean palette to build from, and a white or neutral colour scheme symbolises this. Crisp whites and muted natural colours create a calming influence within a room. Tip: Keep your walls white, thereby any furniture or accent pieces you add and layer within your room will captivate visually and not be overshadowed by a busy colour palette.

Image by Decordots


Scandi interior prides itself on its functional style and design, and you can achieve this is your own home by utilising clever storage. Having a clutter free space is not only visually pleasing but creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Tip: Introduce innovative design by having hidden, savvy storage. Use the space wisely as well as focusing on sleek and minimal design that is aesthetically pleasing.

Image by My Scandinavian Home


Natural and organic foundations such as wood flooring or wall panels are a key aspect in scandi design. Touches of nature bring you back to a sense of stillness and a primitive feeling that quietens and inspires you. Warm textiles such as wool and sheep skins feel cosy and bring warmth to the interior. Tip: Having wood flooring is practical and is also a blank canvas in which you can build a room. Compliment this flooring by adding another layer of texture, such as a sheepskin rug that lifts the space.

Image by My Scandinavian Home


Scandinavian design is almost wholly characterized by the concept of natural light. Large windows, simple lighting design and the use of candles create a spacious and natural glow within a room, making you feel refreshed, invigorated and comfortable. Tip: Limit your window treatments to lighter fabrics inviting as much natural light as possible into your interior and open space.

Image by Benjamin Voros


Make sure your style is minimal, only adding selected accent pieces that compliment and tie your room together, such as florals, art work, books and sculptural pieces. Tip: In keeping with the natural characteristic of Scandi style, make sure you have fresh flowers and botanicals within your room. A fresh injection of natural plant life is a great trick at creating a serene and mindful atmosphere.

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