It has been suggested by our guests in the past, and I am inclined to believe, that the bathroom at Edencoille is the definitive show-stopping element to our B&B. The essence of luxury, a modern freestanding bath sits at the end of the bed with a view overlooking the balcony into the lush, Scots pine scented forrest. A modern, distinctive and pared-back look as well as the essence of comfort and relaxation.

The bath tub at Edencoille B&B

An ever growing trend in interiors over the last few years has been recreating the luxurious ‘hotel style’ bathrooms in one’s own home. Here at Edencoille we display some of these key factors that are out of the ordinary and can be recreated to help you truly take time out and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.


There is nothing more indulgent than taking a dip in a big bubble bath and our freestanding tub is the focal point within the bathroom. There is a relaxing atmosphere that is a reminiscent of a retreat or spa -like sanctuary. What could be more blissful than some high-end pampering?  Stay a while, have a long soak and truly unwind.


Filling your bathroom with some of your favourite products is a key way to ensure a serene and wonderfully calming space. Here at Edencoille we use Arran Aromatics, known for their beautifully blended fragrances, aromas and Scottish botanicals. Accent details such as sleek shelving and luxurious candles are also key within opulent design, uncomplicated and simple in style yet leaving you feeling relaxed and spoiled.

Spacious shelving exudes ‘hotel style’ luxury.


There is nothing more relaxing than a home filled with natural light in order to take care of our wellbeing. In summer the highlands are filled with longer and brighter days, therefore relaxing in the privacy of the B&B bathroom with the balcony doors open ensures you feel fabulously fresh. Equally, the comfort and cosiness of a hot soak in the tub after a winter walk will ease all your tensions away, leaving you with calming effect of a vacation from normal life.

Luxury bathrooms are a design statement that exude restorative comfort and indulgence which you can see within Edencoille’s laid back scheme. Unwind and enjoy the restful ‘weekend vibes’ of a stylish modern space – Stop, relax and get away from it all in true decadence and serenity.


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