Lochindorb, one of the highlands most scenic lochs is only a short drive from us at Edencoille, along the Dava Moor, north of Grantown on Spey. A fresh water loch that is also home to the ruins of Lochindorb castle, popular with birdwatchers and those who enjoy fishing. We recently took a drive to visit the loch after a few snowy days, and the scenery was truly beautiful.

As we drove over the atmospheric and exposed Dava Moor the winter sun was setting. The drive from Lochindrob to Edencoille is around 20 minutes (give or take considering snowy conditions!)

The glistening snow lay untouched on the beach, and our chocolate lab Connie excitedly jumped through the snowy heather.

Trying to get the perfect sun, sand & snow shot!

As we began our journey home, the crisp white snow on the heather exposed one of it’s more secretive inhabitants – we disturbed a shy grouse.

The clear bright blue sky with the moon already rising before nightfall, typical of stunning highland skylines during the winter season. A visit to Lochindorb is a must for any visitor!


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