One of the most popular beaches along the Moray coast is at Findhorn, and being only a 45 minute drive from us here at Edencoille it is one of our favourite locations for some sprightly sea winds and escapism. We were looking for just that the other week, taking a short road trip away to the bright blue skies and invigorating fresh air by the small village of Findhorn. 

The beach goes on for miles and miles, perfect for active long walks and enjoying the natural beauty of the coastline.

Along part of the beach you will find these ‘tank traps’ that were placed here during world war 2 when there was fear of German invasion.

If you head down to the pebble beach you can find gorgeous sea shells, colourful smooth stones and washed up unique strands of seaweed.

These adorable colourful beach huts line part of the coast, and are even available for purchase for those with an enthusiasm for beach life!

If you are looking for a drink or bite to eat, we would recommend the Kimberley Inn Pub. Fresh seafood and lovely views overlooking the Findhorn Bay shore.

What a perfect day in a glorious location, watching the serene sunset over the bay with the still water acting as a mirror – we could not have felt more relaxed and at peace.

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